Mahalo for visiting our webpage. In today’s economy, everyone is watching expenses and cutting costs wherever they can; and no one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary.  Our goal – to help clients take advantage of tax adjustments, tax deductions, and tax credits to reduce their tax obligation to its lowest potential under the law.

eTax Solutions Ltd. is committed to making tax preparation as simple as possible for you. With our green policies and our dedication to internet resources, our goal is for you to be able to file your taxes quickly and easily without ever having to leave your home.

We assist clientele not only in California but in other states as well; we offer a secure portal for exchanging sensitive data information and documents right over the internet which is safe, reliable, and best of all – free!

We provide our clients with a copy of the tax return in digital format – specifically, pdf. For those who are not yet comfortable with the digital realm, face-to-face meetings are available in our local area, as well as an old-fashioned paper copy of the tax return after completed.

We offer affordable, competitive services with no hidden fees.  If you would like an estimate of your tax preparation, feel free to contact us through this website and we will get back to you to go over your information.  Please feel free to peruse our website; we look forward to being able to work with you!

– Jen Horton, EA

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