Mahalo for visiting our webpage. In today’s economy, everyone is watching expenses and cutting costs wherever they can; and no one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary.  Our goal – to help clients take advantage of tax adjustments, tax deductions, and tax credits to reduce their tax obligation to its lowest potential under the law.

eTax Solutions is committed to making tax preparation as simple as possible for you. With our green policies and our dedication to internet resources, our goal is for you to be able to file your taxes quickly and easily without ever having to leave your home.

We assist clientele in Missouri, California and most other states as well; we offer a secure portal for exchanging sensitive data information and documents right over the internet which is safe, reliable, and best of all – free!

We provide our clients with a copy of the tax return in digital format – specifically, pdf. Since the onset of the global pandemic, we now work entirely in a virtual setting;   Zoom conferences may be held, documents are transferred to and from the client via our secure portal, the tax package is delivered in pdf form.  For an additional fee, a paper copy of the tax return will be provided and mailed to you.

We offer affordable, competitive services with no hidden fees.  Our tax return is priced per/form; we’ll use your immediate prior year return to give you an estimate of the current year fees that may be due – before you commit to our services.  If additional forms are required, your current year fees could increase.

Please feel free to peruse our website; we look forward to being able to work with you!

– Jen Horton, EA

Save Paper

Every year, millions of trees worth of paper is wastefully discarded. Printing has its place, but there are also many financial and environmental advantages to going paperless.

Save Money

Competitive prices mean you have more money left over to spend on your family or invest in your business.

Save Time

Why spend your time reinventing the wheel when you have many years of expertise readily available to take something off your plate? Tax laws are always changing and you have other things to do.

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